Q: Are you the same Cumberland General Store that was located in Crossville Tennessee?
A: Yes, in 2005 we moved to Alpharetta GA due to road construction which claimed our buildings. While our address has changed to PO Box 4468, Alpharetta GA 30023, our merchandise and order telephone number remains unchanged at 1-800-334-4640.

Q: Can I order items from my paper Cumberland General Store Catalog online even if the items don’t appear on this site?
A: In many cases you can. First locate the item in your catalog. Type one word of the item name in the search box.

Q.Why can't I find the item I am looking for online when it is in the catalog?
A. Try using the search box in the upper right hand corner of the website. Type a description in the box and all items matching the word in the online store will appear in the results column. Some items will not be listed online due to unusual size or weight or being discontinued. If you need additional help about an item, call our toll free number 1-800-334-4640 during office hours.

Q. Do you have any other information or mailing lists other than your catalog that I could join?
A. Yes, we are producing a quarterly e-newsletter with old time tips, stories, and recipes as well as from time to time sending out special promotions.To get on the list just leave us your email when you checkout.