If you don’t have time to browse the store now, Why not send for our big Mail Order Catalog?
It contains over 200 fully illustrated pages and hundreds of items not shown on the website.

"Winter is coming up and this catalog will give me something new to look at. I look at the old catalog over and over.” - Washington.

“I like your catalog and I‘d love to buy everything in it. Here is a tip; I use it to identify antiques when I’m out shopping.” –Virginia

“My mother was from the depression era. We would spend hours going through your catalog together.
She would tell me stories of her life as we looked at the pages. She is gone now, but thank you for the quality time I got to spent with my mother with your catalog.”

“I am sending for a new catalog. I read your old one over and over
but unfortunately my cat doesn’t seem to have the same respect for your catalog as I do.”
- Ohio.